Byline - Barry


rbhammer Writing has been a factor in my entire working life: policies, letters, manuals, advertising copy and a number of websites. The past few years I've taken additional writing courses, joined a support group of writers (The Writers' Cottage) and have started writing for magazines.

My writing is maritime biased, based on over 55 years of power and sail boating coupled with career experiences as a boat builder and marine surveyor. I started building boats in high school: canoes, kayaks and an airboat. I also had a small shop repairing wood and fiberglass boats. During this period I build a 23' swing keel sailboat for my own use. Later I ran a company that built small fiberglass fishing boats by the truckloads. I left boat building to join mainstream corporate life working in marketing and general management roles. this past year I took a commission from Ames Point Boatworks to help build a vacuum bagged epoxy 24' Bremer racer/cruiser and a Camden Knockabout constructed of wood and epoxy (cold molded/vacuum bagged). In a way my life has gone full circle and I'm back to my first love - boats.

Some of my recent work includes:

"Out of Sight..." Good Old Boat - March/April 2003, a safety article on the hazards of storing portable propane.
"Fill that hole" Good Old Boat - November/December 2005, a "how-to" piece on a basic fiberglass repair.
"Scorpio 35 Refit" Good Old Boat - May/June 2006, the story of how a couple restored a sailboat destined to the bone yard.
"Sampatecho" Good Old Boat - November/December 2006, the tale of a couple's boat choices and business.
"Half Looped" Latitudes and Attitudes - September 2006, America's Great Loop by sailboat, part 1 - Wisconsin to Key West
"Almost Looped" Latitudes and Attitudes - December 2006, America's Great Loop by sailboat, part 2 - Key West & the East Coast.
"Totally Looped" Latitudes and Attitudes - April 2007, America's Great Loop by sailboat, part 3 - The Erie Canal and North Channel.
"Dodger Repair" Good Old Boat - published March 2007, 3 ways to replace dodger windows.
"Cutlass or Less" Good Old boat - published Dec 08, replacing your cutlass bearing.
"The Half Hour Throttle Cable Job" '09 - Published in GOB's Nov 2010 issue
"Sailing the loop" Portions of article used by Cruising World as sidebars in July 2010 issue
"Jeanneau SO43 review" '10 - published Nov. 2010  by Southwinds Magazine
"Maintenance on the Run"  - Jan 2011 Good Old boat
"It's Just a Hop or Two to Junkanoo" '11 - Accepted by Southwinds
"Creature Comfort"  - submitted to Gob 4/15/11,
"Shredded Coast"  - in progress
"Coasting South"   - in progress
"Size Matters"  - ready to submit, add photos
"Basic Cruising"  - needs photos, new title
"Lost in Paradise"  - working draft
"Learned Cruising" '09 - sub CW - rejected, rework and add photos

Other works in progress include two articles on boats being built - watch for them in 2010 - 2011.

Is this a vocation or an avocation? Well, a writing friend once noted "if you want to make money writing - write ransom notes". I suspect he's right.