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Ruth, Buddy and I have sailed aboard Another Adventure since her delivery in the spring of 2003. We've had the opportunity to cruise some interesting routes, learning along the way. Our past voyages can be followed in the links below. We hope you enjoy them.

Our current travels are documented in 2008 Cruising - join us.

Updated on 01/28/2011

The Loop - 2004

Our original trip from the Great Lakes down Lake Michigan and into the inland waterway to Mobile. We left late in the season with Jack Frost chasing us all the way to St Louis.

Bahamas Bound, 2006-7 Our second sojourn from the Great Lakes to the Bahamas down the ICW starting from Sturgeon Bay, running the Fall gales on the Great Lakes and finally exploring the Bahamas.
Cruising 2007 An extended cruise from the Bahamas to Maine to Florida. Finally a trip where winter wasn't breathing in the back door all the way south. Miles & Laureen, on the new Ariel, joined us on many legs of this cruise.
Cruising 2008 Our second cruise from the Bahamas to Maine and back to Florida. Ariel accompanied us on most of the trip adding the element of friends to share the experiences with. We committed to cruising for the foreseeable future by selling our home in Wisconsin (big move). The reality was the cost of maintaining an empty house made no sense while we were cruising.
Cruising 2009 We spent 2009 on the East Coast, again visiting the Bahamas with Ariel though guest commitments and family issues dictated we leave at differing times. We rejoined Miles and Laureen in Norfolk and cruised Maine and back to the Chesapeake before separating again for early winter.