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We've learned that we can chose a place or a time, just not usually together. This page is our current plan. What's that? Now we are planning? I thought I'd left that life behind when I retired.

Friends and family are welcome guests. In the Bahamas and some parts of Maine communications get sketchy. We will occasionally have WIFI, maybe once a week (we've added Skype capability). Cell phones are iffy.

If we don't respond to our normal e-mail we can be contacted via SkyMate (string AAWI to using the @ sign). It is expensive, we pay by the character. No attachments, no pictures, no forwarding! Drop the verbs and get to the point... think texting. Check to see if your unit is sending a signature block (one friend has a 200 character signature at the end of each message) - disable it.

Here's an example of texting shorthand:

Message: We will arrive on United flight 3240 on Saturday March 4th at 4pm. Looking forward to seeing you. (about 80 characters)

Type into e-mail via SkyMate: Arr UA 3240 3/4 @ 4pm. (approx 17 characters, same info)

That's how it works. We can be reached... just costs us a little more.

As noted before, Guests are definitely welcome. In winter we are in the Bahamas - fly into Nassau, Georgetown or Staniel and we'll meet you. Our $300.00 cruising permit includes your fishing licenses (bring your own pole if you wish, though we have a couple on board).

Your costs? A couple of nights at a marina if we need to pick you up and drop you off in one, the drinks you want, any special provisions (that's like particular foods)... and of course your flights. Pretty cheap week in paradise.


Our current travels are documented in our 2011 Log, it's about where we've been.

Updated on 03/12/2011

March Boca Raton, FL
April Florida
May Starting our run North
June north of Morehead City by 1st
July open