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12/16 to 12/31/2010


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Another Adventure is in the Bahamas... another year has passed under our keel.

This is the current period of our log for 2010. At the bottom of the page are links to this year's pass weeks; our earlier voyages are in Prior Voyages.

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Updated on 01/28/2011
2010 started in Boca Raton while Buddy and I waited for Ruth to return from WI while enjoying the fantastic hospitality of John and Nelly. The year ended in Nassau, Bahamas where I got to experience Junkanoo and Ruth fought her way back to the boat. All in all it was a great year. Sure it had it's little setbacks; autopilot died as did a bunch of little stuff, chart-plotter took a vacation, a hurricane welcomed us to Shelburne, NS... all little stuff in the scope of life.

If you bookmarked this page to follow the travels of Another Adventure, you're history. You'll find our current adventures in the sidebar under 2011 log.

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Miami, 2/1 to 2/15/10 Miami, 2/16 to 2/28/10
Boca to Exumas, 3/1 to 3/15 Warderick Wells - Georgetown, 3/16 to 3/31
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Bahamas and Boca, 5/1 to 5/15/10 Boca to the Chesapeake, 5/16 to 5/31/10
Beaufort, NC to Annapolis, 6/1 to 6/15/10 Annapolis to Chatham, MA, 6/16 to 6/30/10
Chatham, MA to Northeast Harbor, ME, 7/1 to 7/15/10 Boothbay Harbor, ME to Halifax, NS, 7/16 to 7/31/10
Halifax, NS to Baddeck, NS, 8/1 to 8/15/10 Baddeck to Shelburne, NS, 8/16 to 8/3110
Shelburne to Point Judith, 9/1 to 9/15/10 Point Judith to Annapolis, 9/16 to 9/30/10
Annapolis to Norfolk, 10/1 to 10/15/10 Norfolk to Morehead City, NC, 10/16 to 10/31/10
Morehead City to Vero Beach, FL, 11/1 to 11/15/10 Vero Beach, FL to Boca Raton, 11/16 to 11/30/10
Boca to Andros, Bahamas, 12/1 to 12/15/10 Andros to Nassau, 12/16/10 to 12/31/10
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